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First Class Hand-Off Equipment Is Pre-Tested, Fully Assembled, Ready To Use!

We want your product to reach you safe & secure, on-time, and ready to use! We desire a 100% customer satisfaction rating that includes our 'Hand-off' to you, in addition to the efficiency of pre-tested, and pre-assembled equipment!

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OMARV CT120 Excavator Flail Mower OMARV CT120 48" Excavator Flail Mower, Mulcher: 16-30GPM, Cut 3" Dia!

OMARV CT120, 48" Excavator Flail Mower, Shredder, Mulcher with Rear Roller & Swinging Hammer Type Blades!

Our Price: $11,500.00
Peruzzo 60" Fox Cross Orange Ditch Bank Mower Peruzzo Fox Cross 1600 60" Ditch Bank Flail Mower: 20-40HP, Hydraulic Offset & Tilt

(Orange) Heavy Duty Professional Series: Peruzzo Fox Cross 1600, 60" Cut, with Hydraulic Offset & Tilt!

Our Price: $6,499.00
ACMA HD250 Flail Mower w/Side Trim Head ACMA HD250 97" Flail Mower & Multi-Positioned Side Trim Head: Self-Contained Hydraulics!

Heavy Duty Professional Series: ACMA HD250 97" Flail Mower & Side Trim Mower Head Assembly With Trip Wire Protective System & Self-Contained Hydraulic System!

Our Price: $14,500.00
Peruzzo TB100C Pro Wood Chipper Peruzzo TB100C PRO Palm Frond Shredder & Wood Chipper: Self-Powered, Hyd Roller Feed

Peruzzo TB100C PRO, Self Feeding, Self-Powered, Self-Propelled, Tracked Palm Frond Shredder & Wood Chipper with Auto Regulated Hydraulic Roller Power Feed, and Drum Style Rotor!

Our Price: $16,999.00
87" ACMA DB221E Orange Ditch Bank Flail Mower ACMA DB221E 87" Ditch Bank Flail Mower: 80-120HP, Hydraulic Offset, Tilt & Reach

Heavy Duty Professional Series (Orange): ACMA DB221E, 87" Cut, Hydraulic Offset & Tilt, External Gearbox For Maximum Reach!

Our Price: $10,999.00
John Deere 72" Front Flail Mower Deck Peruzzo 1800HD 72" John Deere Front Mount Mower Flail Deck: Finish & Rough Cut!

Peruzzo Model 1800HD 72" Cut, Professional Flail Mower Deck Attachment, For John Deere Front Mount Mowers.

Our Price: $6,499.00

Peruzzo Scorpion 1400 55" Mini-Skid Steer Flail Mower Peruzzo 55" Scorpion Mini SkidSteer Multi-Purpose Flail Mower; Rough & Finish Cut!

Professional Series: Peruzzo Scorpion 1400, 55" Cut Mini-Skid Steer Quick Attach Flail Mower.

Our Price: $7,499.00
Peruzzo Bull 2400 Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower, Mulcher Peruzzo HD Bull 2400 8' Flail Mower: 60-110HP, 2' Hydraulic Offset, Cut 4" Dia!

(Orange) Heavy Duty Professional Series: Peruzzo Bull Super 2400, 96" Cut, 2' Hydraulic Right Side Offsetable Flail Mower!

Our Price: $9,499.00