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We want your product to reach you in the same condition it left us in. So, we build our pallets to endure rigorous transportation & use only professional strapping & packaging to protect and secure the load. We have a 99.99% customer satisfaction rating for equipment delivered early, on-time and in excellent condition.

Watch The Peruzzo Bull Cross Ditchbank Mower In Action!

Massey Ferguson/Hesston 1363 Mower Conditioner Used Massey Ferguson/Hesston 1363 Mower Conditioner, Excellent Condition

Used Massey Ferguson/Hesston 1363 Razor Bar Mower Conditioner.

Our Price: $15,999.00
Peruzzo ATV, UTV Pull Type Flail Mower Pull Behind Flail Mower for ATV's, UTV's: Peruzzo Motofox 48" Cut, 13HP VanGuard Engine

Heavy Duty Professional Series: Peruzzo Motofox 1200, Pull Type Flail Mower with 4' Cut & 13HP VanGuard Engine!

Our Price: $3,999.00
Peruzzo Koala Collection Mower with a 45" Cut Collection Flail Mower: Peruzzo Koala 1200, 45" Cut, 25cu' Capacity, Ground Discharge

Peruzzo, Koala Series 1200, 45" Flail Mower with Ground Discharge Collector Hopper.

Our Price: $6,499.00
LS 8101 Tractor & Peruzzo Bull 2400 Flail Mower LS 8101 Tractor, Front 3Pt & PTO w/Peruzzo Bull 2400 Dual Hitch 8' Flail Mower Package!

LS8101 Tractor w/Front 3-Pt Hitch & PTO, with Peruzzo Bull Reversible 2400, 8' Cut Flail Mower, with 12" Left or Right Hydraulic Offset!

Our Price: $89,999.00
Peruzzo 3-Point Rotary Side Trim Mower Fence Row Trimmer/Mower, Tree Row Trimming, Peruzzo Side Cutter: TELESCOPES 24": Heavy Duty & Professional Series w/Self Contained Hyd System!

Heavy Duty Professional Series: Peruzzo 3-Point Rotary Side Trim Rotary Mower: Hydraulically Telescopes to 24"!

Our Price: $4,999.00
Peruzzo Panther 2000, 79" Cut Flail Collection Mower Flail Collection Mower: Peruzzo Panther 2000, 79" Cut, 74cu' Capacity, Ground Discharge

Peruzzo Heavy Duty Panther Series 2000, 79" Flail Mower with Ground Discharge Collector Hopper.

Our Price: $9,999.00
Skid Steer Q/A Round Bale Slicer IFE Skid Steer Quick Attach Round Bale Slicer, Cuts Hay or Corn Stalk Bales!

IFE (Iowa Farm Equipment) Skid Steer Quick Attach Round Bale Slicer.

Our Price: $3,599.00
LS R4041 Tractor And Front End Loader LS R4041 Tractor W/Front End Loader: 41HP, 4-Cylinder Mitsubishi Engine - Excellent Condition!

2012 LS R4041 Tractor With Self-Leveling Front End Loader And Skid Steer Q/A Bucket.

Our Price: $18,999.00
Dirt Dog APP85-7, 7-Shank Chisel Plow Dirt Dog 85" 7-Shank All Purpose Chisel Plow - Painted RED!

Dirt Dog 7-Shank, 85" All Purpose Chisel Plow, PAINTED RED!

Our Price: $1,170.00
Peruzzo Bull 2400 Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower, Mulcher Peruzzo HD Bull 2400 96" Flail Mower, Mulcher: 70-100HP, 24" Hydraulic Offset, Cut 4" Dia!

(Orange) Heavy Duty Professional Series: Peruzzo Bull Super 2400, 96" Cut, with 24" Hydraulic Right Side Offset Flail Mower!

Our Price: $7,699.00
Peruzzo 60" Pruning Shredder, Flail Collection Mower Biomass Mulcher, Pruning Shredder, Flail Collection Mower: Peruzzo Cobra 1600, 60" Cut

Heavy Duty Professional Series: Peruzzo Cobra Collina Model 1600, 60" Pull Type Pruning Shredder/BioMass Shredder & Collector Hopper!

Our Price: $26,999.00
Ventura M220 Flail Mower Ventura M220 Front & Rear Tractor 3-Point Double Hitch Flail Mower, Hydraulic Offset: 87" Cut!

Ventura Model M-220, Double Hitch 3-Point Flail Mower/Mulcher with Reversible Gearbox for Front or Rear 3-Point Mounting, 87" Cut, 24" Hydraulic Offset!

Our Price: $7,999.00
Ventura TFVJ-180 Mulcher Severe Duty Forestry Mulcher, Tractor 3-Point: Ventura TFVJ-180, 72", Mulch to 8"!

Ventura TFVJ-180 Tractor 3-Point, PTO Powered Forestry Mulcher, 72" Working Width.

Our Price: $15,999.00
Selvatici 48"x12" 3-Point PTO Aerator, Plugger Selvatici 48"x12" Deep Tractor 3-Point Aerator, Plugger: Demo Unit Sale!

Heavy Duty Professional Selvatici C1204J, 48" Aeroking, PTO Powered Deep Tine Core Aerator, Plugger.

Our Price: $10,999.00
Selvatici 32" 3-Point PTO Spading Machine Spading Machine, Spader: 32" Selvatici, 10" Depth, Makes Soils Permeable, Healthy!

Heavy Duty Professional Selvatici M804, 32" Spading Machine.

Our Price: $4,999.00
Peruzzo 48" Tow Behind Collection Flail Mower & Hopper Collection Flail, Shredding Mower: Peruzzo Panther 1200 48", Adjustable Transport! Horticultural Shredder: Vegetable, Produce Bed Rows, Ferns

Heavy Duty Professional: Peruzzo Panther 1200, 48" Pull Type Flail Mower with Ground Discharge Collection Hopper & Height Adjustable Axle & Transport.

Our Price: $11,999.00
Selvatici Series 80 3-Point Post Hole Digger Orchard & Vineyard Trellis Anchor Post Hole Digger, 3-Pt: Selvatici 80

Heavy Duty Professional Selvatici Series 80, Code T43 3-Point Post Hole Digger w/Full Articulation For Setting Trellis Posts, Fence Posts, Etc!

Our Price: $6,999.00
Virnig Skid Steer Hydraulic Snow Pusher, 12' Open! Virnig 12' Skid Steer Hydraulic Snow Pusher, Snow Blade, Snow Plow: 12' Open-10' Closed

Virnig Skid Steer Hydraulic Snow Pusher - 12' Open, 10' Closed.

Our Price: $8,499.00