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We want your product to reach you in the same condition it left us in. So, we build our pallets to endure rigorous transportation & use only professional strapping & packaging to protect and secure the load. We have a 99.99% customer satisfaction rating for equipment delivered early, on-time and in excellent condition.

Watch The Peruzzo Bull Cross Ditchbank Mower In Action!

Valentini PR2500, 101" Power Harrow & Mesh Roller Power Harrow & Mesh Roller: Valentini PR2500, 101", 80-120HP: Best Specifications & Features!

Heavy Duty Professional Series: Valentini PR2500, 101" 3-Point Mounted, PTO Powered Power Harrow & Mesh Roller.

Our Price: $12,999.00
Peruzzo 7", 3-Point Wood Chipper Wood Chipper, 3PT, PTO, Conveyor Power Feed, Self-Contained, Speed Sensor: Peruzzo 7" Terex: Dynamic Power Feed Is Excellent For Palm Fronds!

Peruzzo Terex, Conveyored Hydraulic Roller Feeding, 3-Point PTO Powered Wood Chipper with Speed Sensing Control!

Our Price: $9,999.00
Bradco 612 3PT PTO Driven Trencher Bradco 612 Tractor 3 Point Trencher, 48"x6" TES Chain: SHIPS FREE TO SELECT STATES

Bradco Model 612 3-Point, PTO Driven Trencher for Tractors with HST Transmissions.

Our Price: $8,499.00
Peruzzo TB100, 3-Point Mounted Wood Chipper Drum Type Wood Chipper, Tractor PTO 3-Point: Peruzzo TB100 Chip 4" Dia x 12" Wide: Dynamic Self Feed Is Excellent For Palm Fronds!

Peruzzo TB100, Self Feeding, 3-Point Mounted, PTO Powered Wood Chipper with "Drum Style Rotor"!

Our Price: $3,999.00
Orchard & Vineyard Trellis Anchor Post Hole Digger, 3-Pt: Selvatici 80 Orchard & Vineyard Trellis Anchor Post Hole Digger, 3-Pt: Selvatici 80

Heavy Duty Professional Selvatici Series 80, Code T43 3-Point Post Hole Digger w/Full Articulation For Setting Trellis Posts, Fence Posts, Etc!

Our Price: $6,999.00
Peruzzo Koala 1600, 60" Collection Flail Mower Collection Flail Mower: Peruzzo Koala 1600, 60" Cut, 32cu' Capacity, Hi-Lift Dump!

Peruzzo, Professional Koala Series 1600, 60" Flail Mower with Collector Hopper & Lift System!

Our Price: $8,499.00
Peruzzo Fox Cross 1600 60" Ditch Bank Mower Flail Ditch Bank Side Trim, Verge Mower: Peruzzo Fox Cross 1600, 60"Cut, 20-35HP

Professional Series: Peruzzo Fox Cross Model 1600, 60" Cut, 3-Point Ditch Bank Mower, Mulcher with Flail Type Mower Head & Hydraulic Offset & Tilt!

Our Price: $5,499.00
Ventura 32" Excavator Flail Mulcher Excavator Flail Mower, Shredder, Brush Mulcher: Ventura 32" TFC80, 8-15GPM, to 2"!

Ventura TFC80, 32" Excavator Flail Mower, Shredder, Mulcher!

Our Price: $7,899.00
ICM 85" Clamshell Bucket Clamshell Bucket, Dredging, Wet or Dry Material, 3 Cubic Yard, Includes Bolt-On Edge! **Clearance Sale Priced**!

ICM 1.3 Cubic Yard/264 Gallon, Heavy Duty Clamshell Bucket.

Our Price: $6,499.00
Peruzzo 48" Tow Behind Collection Flail Mower & Hopper Collection Flail, Shredding Mower: Peruzzo Panther 1200 48", Adjustable Transport! Horticultural Shredder: Vegetable, Produce Bed Rows, Ferns

Heavy Duty Professional: Peruzzo Panther 1200, 48" Pull Type Flail Mower with Ground Discharge Collection Hopper & Height Adjustable Axle & Transport.

Our Price: $11,999.00
Peruzzo 55" Mini Skid Steer Flail Mower Mini Skid Steer Flail Mower: Peruzzo 55" 'Scorpion' 1400 Convertible To Dethatcher!

Professional Series: Peruzzo 'Scorpion' 1400, 55" Mini-Skid Steer Quick Attach Flail Mower.

Our Price: $5,999.00
Peruzzo Scorpion 1800HD Front Mount Flail Mower Front Mounted Flail Mower with Front LS Hitch: Peruzzo Scorpion 1800HD 72" Mower

Professional Series: Peruzzo Scorpion 1800HD, 72" Cut, Front Mounted Flail Mower w/LS Tractor Hitch For XR4040, XR4046, XR4140, XR4145, XR4150 & XR4155 LS Tractors!

Our Price: $9,999.00
Peruzzo 60" Pruning Shredder, Flail Collection Mower Biomass Mulcher, Pruning Shredder, Flail Collection Mower: Peruzzo Cobra 1600, 60" Cut

Heavy Duty Professional Series: Peruzzo Cobra Collina Model 1600, 60" Pull Type Pruning Shredder/BioMass Shredder & Collector Hopper!

Our Price: $26,999.00
Peruzzo Panther 2000, 79" Cut Flail Collection Mower Flail Collection Mower: Peruzzo Panther 2000, 79" Cut, 74cu' Capacity, Ground Discharge

Peruzzo Heavy Duty Panther Series 2000, 79" Flail Mower with Ground Discharge Collector Hopper.

Our Price: $9,999.00
Gravely ZT52HD Zero Turn Lawn Mower 2019 Zero Turn Lawn Mower, Gravely 52" ZT52HD, 23HP Kawasaki Demo Unit w/<5 Hours!

2019 Gravely ZT52HD 52" Zero Turn Mower with a 23HP Kawasaki FR691V Engine - Demo Unit with less than 5 hours!

Our Price: $4,999.00
Peruzzo Elk 2000 79" Offset Flail Mower Flail Mower, Mulcher: Peruzzo Elk 2000 79" Cut, Manual Left & Right Side Offset!

Heavy Duty Professional Series: Peruzzo Elk 2000, 79" Cut, with 12" Manual Left & Right Side Offset, Reversible Hitch & Feed-Through Gearbox For Rear or Front Mount Mowing!

Our Price: $5,999.00
Peruzzo Elephant 2000 79" Collector Mower Flail Collection Mower: Peruzzo Elephant 2000, 79" Cut, 83Cu' Capacity, Hydraulic Lift Dump!

Peruzzo, Heavy Duty Elephant Series Super 2000, 79" Flail Mower with High Lift Discharge, 83 Cubic Feet Collector Hopper.

Our Price: $14,999.00
Ventura 32" Excavator Flail Mower Excavator Flail Mower, Shredder, Brush Mulcher: Ventura 32" TFM80, 12-25GPM, Shred to 4"!

Ventura TFM80, 32" Excavator Flail Mower, Shredder.

Our Price: $8,499.00