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Watch The Valentini PR3000 Power Harrow In Action!

Peruzzo Canguro 1600 Flail Collector Peruzzo Canguro 1600 60" Nursery, Orchard, Vineyard Pruning Collector & Shredder

Peruzzo, Heavy Duty Canguro Series 1600, 60" Flail Mower with Ground Discharge Collector Hopper.

Our Price: $8,999.00
Ventura MPT240 96" Flail Mower Ventura MPT240 Flail Mower, Mulcher: 96" Cut, 12" Left/Right Offset!

Ventura Model MPT-240 Tractor 3-Point Flail Mower/Mulcher, 96" Cut, 12" Left & Right Hydraulic Offset!

Our Price: $7,499.00
Valentini 84" 3PT Soil Renovator Valentini Iris 2000, 7' Stone Burier With Roller: Sod, Vegetation, Residue Inverter

Heavy Duty Professional Series: Valentini Iris 2000, 84" Stone Burier with 'Extra Wide' Packer Roller.

Our Price: $13,999.00
Peruzzo Canguro 2000 Flail Pruning Collector Peruzzo Canguro 2000 79" Nursery, Orchard, Vineyard Pruning Collector & Shredder

Peruzzo, Heavy Duty Canguro 2000, 79" Flail Mower with Ground Discharge Collector Hopper.

Our Price: $9,999.00
Peruzzo 60" Pruning Shredder, Flail Collection Mower Peruzzo Cobra 1600 60" Biomass Mulcher, Pruning Shredder, Collection Flail Mower

Heavy Duty Professional Series: Peruzzo Cobra Collina Model 1600, 60" Pull Type Pruning Shredder/BioMass Shredder & Collector Hopper!

Our Price: $26,999.00
Peruzzo Scorpion 60" Front Mount Flail Mower Peruzzo Scorpion 1600 60" Front Mounted Flail Mower & Front Hitch: LS 'XR' Tractors

Professional Series: Peruzzo Scorpion 1600, 60" Cut, Front Mounted Flail Mower w/LS Tractor Hitch For XR3032, XR3037, XR3135 & XR3140 LS Tractors!

Our Price: $10,000.00
Valentini U3000 3-Pt Rotary Tiller & Mesh Roller Valentini U3000 10'-2" 3-Pt, PTO Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller w/Mesh Roller: 170HP Gearbox!

Heavy Duty Professional Series, Valentini U3000, 10'-2" Cat 2, 3-Point Mounted, PTO Powered Rotary Tiller with Mesh Roller.

Our Price: $18,999.00
Ventura TVA240 Tractor Flail Shredder, Mulcher Ventura TVA240 95" Flail Shredder, Mulcher: Hydraulic Offset & Limb Rake, Cut 4" Dia!

Ventura TVA-240 Tractor 3-Point Orchard & Vineyard Pruning Mulcher & Shredder with Internal Limb Rake, Hydraulic Offset, 95" Cut, 4" Diameter Cutting Capacity!

Our Price: $9,999.00
Peruzzo Bull Cross 2200E Ditch Bank Mower Peruzzo Bull Cross 2200E 86" Ditch Bank Flail Mower: 80-140HP, Hydraulic Offset & Tilt

Heavy Duty Professional Series: Peruzzo Bull Cross 2200E, 86" Cut, Hydraulic Offset & Tilt, External Gearbox for Maximum Reach!

Our Price: $9,999.00