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Peruzzo TB100C Self Powered Woodchipper Peruzzo TB100C Drum Type Wood & Palm Frond Chipper: Tracked, Self-Powered, 4" Dia x 12" Wide Throat!

Peruzzo TB100C, Self Feeding, Self-Powered, Self-Propelled/Track Machine Wood Chipper with "Drum Style Rotor"!

Our Price: $11,499.00
Peruzzo TB100C Pro Wood Chipper Peruzzo TB100C PRO Palm Frond Shredder & Wood Chipper: Self-Powered, Hyd Roller Feed

Peruzzo TB100C PRO, Self Feeding, Self-Powered, Self-Propelled, Tracked Palm Frond Shredder & Wood Chipper with Auto Regulated Hydraulic Roller Power Feed, and Drum Style Rotor!

Our Price: $16,999.00