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Selvatici B165, 65" Stone & Gravel Burier With Roller: Finish Grading, Gravel Renovation!
Selvatici B165 Stone & Gravel Burier

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Our Price: $13,500.00

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Heavy Duty Professional Series: Selvatici Model B165, 65" Stone, Sod & Vegetation Burier & Inverter with 'Extra Wide' Mesh Roller.

Expect This Burier & ALL Of The Equipment We Sell To Be Quality Equipment That Will Serve You Well For A Lifetime And Provide A Good Resale Value Too!

  • Heavy Duty, Large Sump, Italian Made Oil Bath Gear Box & Side Drive.
  • Rotors Drive Side & Idle Side Bearings Are In Oil Bath Lubrication:
    • Side Drive Transmission System Is Chain Drive.
  • Rear 'Extra Wide Mesh Roller' For Soil Conditioning & Height Adjustment:
    • The 'Extra Wide Mesh Roller' Is Wider Than The Buriers Working Width To Prevent Side Ridges/Wind Rows & Contribute To The Absolutely Beautiful Results!
    • Standard Height Adjustment Is Manual:
      • Optional Dual Cylinder Rear Roller Hydraulic Adjustment Kit ($1,100.00) Allows For On-The-Fly Working Depth Adjustment!
        • Opt. Hyd Adjust Kit Includes: Flow Control Valve & Premium Hyd Hoses (US or Euro Made!) With Spiral Guard Hose Protection!
  • Spring Loaded & Adjustable Internal Sifting Grid.
  • Rear Gate Is Also Spring Loaded (for shock load absorption) & Can Be Set To 'Completely Open' Or Closed With Intermediate Positions.
  • Sample Photos Are Of The Larger (72") B185 Model, But This Listing Is For The B165 Model As Stated!
  • Sample Video Shows a Red Model 2500 Burier For Reference Only - Actual Selvatici Video Coming Soon!
    • Optional Packer Roller Is Available For An Additional $500.00.
      • One Sample Photo Shows The Optional Packer Roller & The Optional Hyd. Adjustment Kit For Reference.
    • Tractor Shown In Sample Photos For Reference Only - Tractor Is Not Included.
  • Burier Includes 540RPM Slip Clutch Protected PTO Shaft.
    • Excellent 'Single-Pass' Seed Bed Preparation (For Pasture Renovation, Produce, Row Crops, Food Plots, etc.) While Simultaneously Inverting & Burying Any Surface Debris:
      • Whether Broadcasting, Drilling Or Planting, Get Beautiful Seed Beds In An 'Easy & Efficient Single Pass'!
    • PTO Powered 'Plow Substitute':
      • Use This PTO Powered Burier Instead Of A Plow & You Have Instant Inversion & Burying Of Vegetation While Simultaneously Producing A Beautiful Seed Bed...In 'One Efficient Pass'!
        • No More Plowing, Then Discing, Discing, Discing, Then Soil Finishing...& Even After All That, Still Not Being Satisfied With The Results - This Burier Provides 'Single-Pass Efficiency' With Superior Results!!!
    • Incorporate & Blend Chicken Litter, Steer Manure, Cover Crops & Other Green Manure For Fall Tillage & Amendment, Or Develop A Beautiful Seedbed (Simultaneously) For Immediate Use, All In 'One Efficient Pass'!
      • For Cover Crops: Our Buriers 'Terminate, Incorporate & Bury' In 'One Efficient Pass'!
    • Incorporate Produce Residue On Level Or Elevated Beds For Post-Harvest Clean Up & Preparation. Bed Shapers Are Also Available For Even Greater 'Single-Pass Efficiencies'!
    • For Poorer Soils: Deeply Incorporate & Blend Sand Or Compost Into Heavier/Clay Type Soils, Deeply Incorporate & Blend Compost Into Sandy & Silty River Bottom Type Soils, Shallower Incorporation & Blending Of Green Waste, Saw Dust, Wood Chips, Mulch & Other Beneficial Vegetation In 'One Efficient Pass'!
    • Invert & Bury Unharvested Sod & Develop 'Beautiful Seed Beds' For Broadcasting, Drilling or Hydroseeding In 'One Easy & Efficient Pass'! Of Course, 'Beautiful Single-Pass Seedbeds' Are Achievable w/o Inverting Unharvested Sod Too!
    • 'Single-Pass' Inversion & Burying Of Stones & Rocks, Limbs, Branches & Other Surface Debris, While Simultaneously Developing A Beautiful Seedbed, Suitable For Broadcasting, Drilling Or Hydro Seeding!
      • Common For Pipeline & Other Underground Post Construction Restoration Work.
      • Rock & Stone Burying: Max +/-3" Diameter, Subject To Concentration.
    • General Construction Site Cleanup & Simultaneous 'Single-Pass' Finish Grading & Seedbed Development.
    • Stone & Rubble 'Sifting & Clearing Substitute', Achieving Well Groomed, Leveled & Beautifully Conditioned Soil Surfaces.
    • Rejuvenate, Grade, Dress, Level & Pack Gravel On New & Existing Driveways, Municipal Gravel Roadways, Gravel Construction Roads & Accessways, etc.:
      • Eliminate Ruts & Peaks While Developing A Nice Level Groomed Surface, Or Road Base, w/o Bringing In More (expensive) Quarry Gravel!
    • Invert & Cover Stone, Tall & Thick Stands of Vegetation & Other Debris, Achieving 'Single-Pass' Finish Graded Surface Quality Prior To Construction Surveying, Or Municipally Required Maintenance.
    • Moderate & Condition Tough, Hard Poor Soils, Add Amendments, Invert Rocks, Or For Regular Maintenance.
  • DIRT RACING TRACKS: Horse Tracks, Moto-Cross Tracks, Sprint Car Tracks, Demo Derby Tracks, Flat Tracks, Etc!
    • Moderate, Condition, Rejuvenate & Develop Beautifully Dressed Dirt Track Conditions. If Inverting The Dirt Track Is NOT The Objective, Then Our Other PTO Powered Dirt Conditioner To Consider Is Our Valentini 'Power Harrows' - Particularly Popular On Moto-Cross & Other Dirt Tracks With Clean, Moderate Soil That Only Needs To Be Dressed & Conditioned; Sometimes Shallow, Sometimes Deeply!