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Grasshopper 940EFI Self Propelled Flail Mower & 63" Flail Deck, 40HP & Fuel Injected Engine!
Grasshopper 940EFI with 63" Peruzzo Flail Deck

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Self-Propelled Flail Mower Unit: Grasshopper 940EFI Self-Propelled Mower with 63" Peruzzo Flail Deck!

Expect This Mower & ALL Of The Equipment We Sell To Be Quality Equipment That Will Serve You Well For A Lifetime And Provide A Good Resale Value Too!


  • Premier Adjustable Suspension Seat.
    • Typically Optional.
  • Folding Roll Bar.
    • Typically Optional.
  • Dual Fuel Tanks With 14.4 Gallon Capacity.
  • LED Lights.
  • Adjustable Cup Holder.
  • Mower Ships Complete, But To Accommodate Freight Requirements, The Fuel Tanks Will Be Empty.
  • Grasshopper Model 940EFI Front Mounted Mower:
    • 40HP Vanguard Big Block, Electronic Fuel-Injected Engine.
    • 24x12.00-12 Bar Type Drive Wheels.
    • 13x6.50-6 Ribbed Rear Tires.

  • 63" Peruzzo 1600HD Flail Deck:
    • Cutting Width: 63".
    • Overall Width: 73".
    • Overall Depth (from attaching point to spindle): 53".
    • Cutting Height Is Adjustable From 0.5" to 6" with a Convenient Hand Crank!
    • Flail Deck with Electronically Balanced Rotor Includes One Set (100) of Heavy Duty, 5mm Thick 'Y' Blades.
      • Double Sided 'Y' Blades are the Most Universal Type, Performing Well for Finish Cuts & Rough Cutting in the Tallest, Thickest Vegetation & even Smaller Saplings!
        • 'Y' Blades are Compatible with the 'Optional' Verticut Hardox Dethatching Blades.
          • Cost for a Set (50) of Hardox 3mm (1/8") Thick Dethatching Blades is $499.00.
          • Mower Deck Must Have The Hydraulic Lift Option to Use the Optional Dethatching Blades.
      • Consider the Optional Hammer Blades if You Expect to Encounter Much Rock. The 'Y' Blades can Endure some Contact with Rock, but May Bend or Break from Excessive Contact. Hammer Blades May Get Some Denting, but can be Sharpened Multiple Times.
      • A Set of Hammer Blades (50) is $750.00.
    • High Speed Rotor Rotation is 2800RPM's!
    • Under Deck, Mulching Counter Blade Ensures Reduction of Larger Clippings & Further Reduces the Smaller Ones.
    • Striping Kit is Included.
    • In Addition to All of The Obvious Advantages of This Flail Deck, It Also Will NOT Plug From Moist Clippings!
      • Additional Advantages & Efficiencies:
        • Rear Discharge Prevents Clippings from Blowing Back on Operator & Machine - Get On Clean, Mow & Get Off Clean!
        • Clippings Don't Clump Up & Wind Row - No Second or Third Passes to Clean-Up Poor Performance & Unsightly Results!
        • Since This Deck Cuts & Grooms Beautifully in Short or Tall & Thick Grasses, the Pressure is OFF to Mow Every Week!
          • In Fact, MANY of our Customers Have Been Relieved of the Pressure to Mow Every Week, and Are Now Mowing Bi-Weekly, or Monthly & Some Bi-Monthly! In addition to Being Relieved from the Demand to Mow, they are also Keeping Hours Down on the Mowers, Reducing Fuel Consumption & Other Obvious Expenses, and Most of All, they've been able to return to Mowing for Personal Therapy...Smiling & Singing While they Mow!
        • Also, the Universal & Multi-Purpose Mowing Features, with the Rugged & Durable Construction of these Peruzzo Decks will end the Thrashing of Finish Mower Decks & the Inefficiency of Only Cutting Half the Mowing Width when using the Original Rotary Finish Decks in Taller & Thicker Grasses!
    • 11x4.00-5/3.25 Flat-Proof Tires!
    • Powder Coated Paint!
    • Flail Deck Weight: 545lb's (Less PTO Shaft, Pallet/Crating, etc.).
    • Peruzzo Flail Deck is Made In Italy!
    • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change.