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Peruzzo Bull Cross 2200E 86" Ditch Bank Flail Mower: 80-140HP, Hydraulic Offset & Tilt
Peruzzo Bull Cross 2200E Ditch Bank Mower

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Heavy Duty Professional Series: Peruzzo Bull Cross 2200E, 86" Cut, Hydraulic Offset & Tilt, External Gearbox for Maximum Reach!

Expect This Peruzzo Mower & ALL Of The Equipment We Sell To Be Quality Equipment That Will Serve You Well For A Lifetime And Provide A Good Resale Value Too!

  • This Peruzzo Flail Mower Has 20 Large Forged & Hardened Steel Hammer Blades - Peruzzo Flail Mowers always have the Highest Population of Blades to provide the Best Possible Cut & reduce the burden on your Tractor!
  • Peruzzo Mower Gearboxes include an Over-Running Clutch, which provides two advantages:
    • First, easy alignment & attachment of the Mowers PTO Shaft to the Tractors PTO Shaft:
      • The O.R. Clutch enables you to freely spin the PTO Shaft & Gearbox for alignment!
    • Second, smooth shut Down:
      • The O.R. Clutch allows the Mower Gearbox to free wheel to a stop, eliminating abrupt shutdowns & wear of the PTO Brake!
  • Hydraulic Shock Absorption System:
    • Shock Absorption Reduces Shock Load from Abrupt Actions caused by Ground Contact, or Operator Actions, and Contributes to Operator Safety & Mechanical Protection of the Mower!
  • Double Deck Shell Protects the External Shell from Rocks, or Other Internal Projectiles!
  • Rear Roller provides Mower Deck Suspension & Cutting Height Adjustment (1/2"-5").
  • Under Deck, Mulching Counter Blade ensures reduction of Larger Clippings & further reduces the Smaller Ones.
  • Offset & Head Positioning Functions Operate Hydraulically.
  • Multiple Advantages of this Offsetable Mower Over Static, Center Mounted 3-Point Mowers:
    • If you are Mowing along a fenceline, treeline, building, etc., instead of getting your entire Tractor alongside of the Fence or Building (and risk scraping your Tractor tires or snagging & damaging trees, posts, fencing, buildings, etc.), you can simply keep the Offset part of the Mower close to the edges you want to mow and prevent any damage to the Tractor or the trees, fencing, walls, etc. Snagging posts, trees or other secured objects can also damage the 3-Point linkage on the Mower or even the pull arms & top link of your Tractor.
    • Much Better Visibility: If the edge of any Mower is flush with the sidewall of your tractors tire, forget about visibility! You will be cutting with your tractor tire as a 'guide', which is ok in open areas, but again, when you are Mowing up against obstacles, you want visibility, and the Offset feature will provide that. It will also eliminate the need to look back over your shoulder to see the Mower Deck. A simple glance to your right gives you visibility of the outer mowing edge.
  • Peruzzo Flail Mowers provide a Much Better Cut than standard Rotary Mowers, plus with the 'Forged & Hardened' Hammer Blades on this Flail Mower, you can Cut 4" Diameter Material & get a very good Finish Cut too!
  • Peruzzo Flail Mowers Are The Safest & Most Efficient Mowers Available:
    • With Peruzzo Flail Mowers, the possibility of discharging Dangerous Projectiles is dramatically reduced compared to Conventional Rotary Mowers, and with the reduced Deck Depth & Weight, they're the easiest for you & your Tractor to handle! Plus, the Superior 'Single-Pass' Cut of Peruzzo Flail Mowers provides New Efficiencies by Eliminating Multiple Passes for Excellent Results!
  • Optional 'Under Deck Gage Wheel' (shown in 1 photo) is $299.00.
  • Sample Images & Video show the Bull Cross 2200E Mower on a Tractor...But that Nice Green, 6130 Tractor is Not Included!
  • Mower Ships with 540RPM PTO Shaft!
  • Rated for 80 to 140HP Tractors.
  • Suitable for Cat 2, 3-Point Hitches.
  • Mowing Width: 86".
  • Overall Deck Width: 88".
    • Gearbox & Guard add 18".
  • Overall Depth: 44".
  • Distance from Center-line of 3-Point to Outer Edge of Deck is 11'.
  • Electronically Balanced Rotor has 20 Hammer Style Blades.
    • Large, Heavy Duty Blades Weigh 3.5lb's each.
    • Rotor & Blades Rated to Cut 4"-5" Diameter Material.
  • Requires Two Sets of Hydraulic Outlets.
  • Weight: 1759lb's (Less PTO Shaft, Pallet/Crating, etc.).
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change.

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