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Ventura 175 MUNICIPAL ROADSIDE PRO Hybrid Ditch Bank Flail Mower: 28" Hydraulic Offset!
Ventura Roadside PRO 175 Hybrid Ditch Bank Flail Mower

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Heavy Duty Professional Series: Ventura Roadside PRO 175, 69" Cut, Hybrid Ditch Bank Flail Mower with Hydraulic Offset & Tilt!

Expect This Ventura Mower & ALL Of The Equipment We Sell To Be Quality Equipment That Will Serve You Well For A Lifetime And Provide A Good Resale Value Too!

  • The Ventura Roadside PRO has 16 Large Solid Cast Steel Hammer Blades - Ventura Flail Mowers always have the Highest Population of Blades to Provide the Best Possible Cut & Reduce the Burden on Your Tractor!
  • Ventura Mower Gearboxes include an Over-Running Clutch, which Provides Two Advantages:
    • First, Easy Alignment & Attachment of the Mowers PTO Shaft to the Tractors PTO Shaft:
      • The O.R. Clutch enables you to freely spin the PTO Shaft & Gearbox for Alignment!
    • Second, Smooth Shut Down:
      • The O.R. Clutch allows the Mower Gearbox to Free Wheel to a Stop, eliminating abrupt shutdowns & premature wear of the PTO Brake!
  • Rear Roller provides Mower Deck Suspension & Cutting Height Adjustment (1/2"-5").
  • 'Under Deck, Mulching Grating' ensures reduction of Larger Clippings & further reduces the Smaller Ones.
    • Under Deck Grating is Integrated with the Protective (Internal) Double Skin.
  • Ventura's Roadside PRO Offers Hydraulic Tilt (Head Raise/Lower) along with a unique 28" Hydraulic Offset, all Adjustable on the Fly!
  • Break Away Latching can be Reset in Reverse.
  • Multiple Advantages of This Articulating & Offsetable Roadside PRO Disc Mower:
    • Disc Mower Blades:
      • Disc Mower Blades Are Delicate:
        • Because Disc Mower Blades are Intended for Cutting Hay, they are easily damaged in other Applications & require frequent replacement. In addition to frequent Maintenance Intervals, Mowing Intervals must also be frequent.
    • VENTURA'S Roadside PRO has Large, Durable Hammer Type Flail Mower Blades:
      • These Large Hammer Blades are Sharpenable, have very Long Maintenance Intervals & last a very, very long time! Plus, Mowing Intervals can be as infrequent as needed, because the Roadside PRO will provide Excellent Single Pass Results in the Thickest & Tallest Vegetation!
    • Disc Mower Rotors are also Delicate:
      • After frequent replacement of Blades, the Rotors are the next common Maintenance nuisance.
      • Plus, with Multiple Rotors, Come Multiple Gear Drive Assemblies, Extensive & Costly Maintenance & Repairs, and Potential Lubrication Issues.
    • VENTURA'S Roadside PRO does Not have any Delicate Components:
      • The Large, Durable Hammer Blades are Bolted into a Heavy Duty Clevis which is Welded to an Electronically Balanced Rotor that endures anything your Mowing activities will introduce to it...even limited Land Clearing Activities! In fact, this Hammer Blade & Rotor Combination are Rated to cut 4" Diameter Vegetation & still Provide an Excellent Rough or Finish Cut!
    • Disc Mower Mowing Heads are Supported only by Tractors 3-Point, Delicate Rotor Wear Plates & Skid Shoes:
      • This requires use of Larger Tractors, prevents use of Smaller, Convenient & Efficient Utility Tractors & limits the size selection of the Cutter Head.
    • VENTURA'S Roadside PRO is Supported by a Full Width Rear Roller, Side Skid Shoes & has an Optional Tail Wheel:
      • The Large Diameter Rear Roller Supports the entire Mower & provides Cutting Height Adjustment (1/2"-5").
      • The Combination of the Rear Roller & Optional Tail Wheel enables use of Smaller Tractors, eases the Load on Tractors 3-Point & contributes to overall Safer Operation!
    • Disc Mowers have Delicate Aprons:
      • Easily Damaged Aprons are expensive to replace & a nuisance to deal with, but imperative for safety. Potential Projectiles not only easily damage these Aprons, but the Apron is not adequate to prevent Projectiles from passing through them!
    • VENTURA'S Roadside PRO Relies on a Large Volume, 7 Gauge Double Shell Steel Shroud!
      • Potential Projectiles are Captured or Knocked Down in Much Greater Quantity than Disc Mower Aprons!
      • This Substantial Steel Shroud is complimented with Front & Rear Deflectors & 3/8" Thick Steel Side Plates!
    • Disc Mowers Leave Long Strands of Grass & Vegetation:
      • These Long Strands are Beautiful in Hay Fields, but not a Compliment to Mowing Maintenance on Roadsides.
      • Because Disc Mowers were Intended for Hay, it's not Clippings that are left behind, it's Large Strands of Hay & Grass..ready for Baling!
    • VENTURA'S Roadside PRO Provides Beautiful Results!
      • With it's Rigorous Rotor & Hammer Blades, Ventura's Roadside PRO reduces ALL Vegetation to Fine, Mulched Pieces, providing a Better Finished Appearance & Contributing to Faster Decomposition. With the Internal Double Counter Grating Blade, even the Largest Pieces of Branches, Limbs, Trunks, even Lumber Trash will be reduced to Small Fragments!
      • Yes, you can even Mow down Bushes, Brushes & Saplings with this Mower, and achieve additional Efficiencies from it's Multi-Purpose Capabilities!
  • Sample Video shows a Ventura 221E: this Listing is for a Roadside PRO 175:
    • Hydraulic Components & Functions are different, but the Excellent Cutting Results will be the same!
    • Actual Video coming soon!
  • Mower Ships with 540RPM PTO Shaft!
  • Rated for 60 to 150HP Tractors.
  • Suitable for Cat 2, 3-Point Hitches.
  • General Dimensions:
    • Maximum Horizontal Reach to Outside Cutting Edge is 10'-5".
    • Mowing Width: 69".
    • Overall Contracted Width: 133".
    • Maximum Upward Angle: 90.
    • Maximum Downward Angle: 50.
  • Electronically Balanced Rotor has 16 Hammer Style Blades.
    • Rotor & Blades Rated to Cut 4" Diameter Material.
  • Requires Two Sets of Hydraulic Outlets.
  • Weight is 1930lb's (Less Pallet/Crate & PTO Shaft).
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change.

Expect Excellent European Quality From This Roadside PRO!

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